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What our embroidery services can do

When it comes to custom embroidery, we can do it all – from hats, polo’s, hoodies and jackets to bags with your logo, club or team name. We can do contract embroidery, but we also have lots of cool brands we would love to order for you—Holloway, Cutter Buck, Outdoor Cap, Richardson, or Nike just to name a few.


We Create Custom T Shirts, Hats, Bags, and Much More!

For those who disapprove of the friendly motto “Go big or go home”, I guess this is your home. We aren’t afraid of big orders, but sometimes you only need a few! Our minimum order quantity for custom embroidery is 6 pieces, based on each individual job. Now rules are rules, but exceptions can sometimes be made. Come talk to us for orders requesting fewer than standard minimums.


Digi -what?

We hear ya… Digitizing is when we turn those beautiful designs on the computer into a file that tells the machine where every single stich needs to be made. The final product is made by actually mapping out every point where the needle hits the fabric. This is done using industry specialized software. It’s pretty magical, but unfortunately magic isn’t cheap. There is a ONE time digitizing fee of $35.00 for each standard logo design. Once the desired logo is digitized… we can sew that logo on almost ANYTHING you want, even if you come back later to place a follow up order!

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